Hand, Heart, and Mind
We believe that children explore their world with their hands, their hearts, and their minds. Our teachers approach each child as...

Concentration, Independence, and Joy
We believe that a child’s natural way of being is truly revealing itself when the child demonstrates three core signs.

Parent, Teacher, and Child
We believe that a strong relationship between teachers and parents forms the base of your child’s development. In addition to careful...


Welcome To Trillium Montessori!

We are an authentic Montessori preschool in the northwest area of Cary, NC. We are ideally situated for families who live in the Amberly, Cary Park and Stonewater neighborhoods or work in Research Triangle Park RTP.  Serving Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Durham, and Raleigh.

We offer a choice of morning or afternoon half-day sessions for children between the ages 3-5. Our teachers are Montessori-trained, with 4-year college degrees, and our classroom has the full complement of high quality Montessori materials.


The Trillium Montessori Promise

Our unique program combines the holistic Montessori educational approach with a commitment to fostering deeper home-school-community relationships. Our skilled teachers will create a customized learning plan that maximizes your child’s unique gifts. We will provide the foundation your child needs for a lifetime of joyful and enthusiastic learning. Your child will be more-than-ready for kindergarten!  Read about our approach to education and our curriculum…



What Do Parents Say about Us?

“Every day our daughter surprises us with her progress. She’s doing things we didn’t expect her to accomplish until Kindergarten and beyond. Most impressive is her excitement about the process. We really feel that she is being taught to enjoy the learning experience.”– Camille & Kevin Hill Parents of Claire (age 4)

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What’s Next?

CLICK HERE to learn about the admission process and then contact us if you have additional questions.